AM.1 Post Processing of additive manufactured components – from support removal to surface finish

In this seminar you will gain comprehensive knowledge about post processing of additive manufactured components. You will be introduced to the different post-processing methods for the various printing technologies and will be able to apply them to specific applications. In addition to additive-oriented data preparation, you will also learn how to incorporate important post-processing aspects during the design phase and the printing process.

  • Relation of 3D printing/ post processing
  • Support removal
  • Surface finish
  • Influence of data preparation on post processing


The goal of this seminar is to share comprehensive knowledge on the challenges of post processing. Participants will be able to prepare, evaluate and implement optimal post processing for additive applications.

Target group:

Technical personnel with different qualifications in the areas of production, R&D, sales, quality assurance. Initial experience in 3D printing is required.