Training program

In accordance with § 20 of the 12th Bavarian Ordinance on Infection Control, face-to-face events may be held if the 7-day incidence is under 100. You find the current incidence for the district Haßberge here. If the incidence is under 100, our seminars may be held again in compliance with our hygiene concept.

Training Mass Finishing

Course No.CourseDuration
MF.1Introduction to mass finishing 2 Days Details/Registration
MF.2Mass finishing machines and their areas of application
MF.2.3Rotary and tub vibrators 1.5 Days Details/Registration
MF.2.4Drag finishing machines, Surf-Finisher and plunge grinding machines 1 Day Details/Registration
MF.3Process water technology/Centrifuges 1.5 Days Details/Registration
MF.4Application technology 1 Day Details/Registration
MF.5Industrial washing systems and their applications 1 Day Details/Registration
MF.6Consumables and their fields of application 2 Days Details/Registration

Training Shot Blasting

Course No.CourseDuration
SB.1Introduction to shot blasting 1.5 Days Details/Registration
SB.2Dust collection systems/ filter technology for shot blasting applications 1 Day Details/Registration
SB.3The shot peening process 1.5 Days Details/Registration
SB.4Blast cleaning and painting preservation for steel plates and beams 2 Days Details/Registration
SB.6How to maintain your shot blasting machine 1 Day Details/Registration
SB.7Understanding blast turbines for media acceleration 1 Day Details/Registration

Training Additive Manufacturing

Course No.CourseDuration
AM.1Post Processing of additive manufactured components – from support removal to surface finish 2 Days Details/Registration