All our on-site trainings will take place again in compliance with the legal requirements.

For this purpose, we have created a safe hygiene concept for all seminars. Should official restrictions on travel, events or the like imposed by the authorities, prevent your participation; we will of course rebook you free of charge! You do not take any risk by making a booking.

Training Mass Finishing

Course No.CourseDuration
MF.1Introduction to mass finishing 2 Days Details/Registration
MF.2Mass finishing machines and their areas of application
MF.2.3Rotary and tub vibrators 1.5 Days Details/Registration
MF.2.4Drag finishing machines, Surf-Finisher and plunge grinding machines 1 Day Details/Registration
MF.3Process water technology/Centrifuges 1.5 Days Details/Registration
MF.4Application technology 1 Day Details/Registration
MF.5Industrial washing systems and their applications 1 Day Details/Registration
MF.6Consumables and their fields of application 2 Days Details/Registration

Training Shot Blasting

Course No.CourseDuration
SB.1Introduction to shot blasting 1.5 Days Details/Registration
SB.2Dust collection systems/ filter technology for shot blasting applications 1 Day Details/Registration
SB.3The shot peening process 1.5 Days Details/Registration
SB.4Blast cleaning and painting preservation for steel plates and beams 2 Days Details/Registration
SB.6How to maintain your shot blasting machine 1 Day Details/Registration
SB.7Understanding blast turbines for media acceleration 1 Day Details/Registration

Training Additive Manufacturing

Course No.CourseDuration
AM.1Post Processing of additive manufactured components – from support removal to surface finish 2 Days Details/Registration